"Shiatsu Massage has made a world of difference to me. I look forward to a weekly massage to "melt my stress". Making a Shiatsu Massage part of my weekly routine has made a world of difference to alleviating the feeling of tightness and stress that takes hold of my body. I truly feel like a "new person" at the end of each session and have noticed a huge difference in the way my body talks to me. I would recommend this stress reliever to anyone!" Terry Meredith
Parks and Recreation, Administration,
Delta City Hall, BC
(May 2004)

"While cycling I was hit by a car. After three months of five-times-a-week physical therapy I regained 90% of body movement. However, my back did not fully recover. I couldn't walk or stand for more than two hours at a time, nor could lift anything over 20 lbs. This went on for about five years, until I met Tania Marshall and had two shiatsu sessions. Now I almost never give my back at second thought. I've become a firm believer in the healing power of shiatsu, and would highly recommend it to anyone!". Stuart Matthews, small business owner (February 2002)



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